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Our Story


Since I was young I've always enjoyed the creative process of sitting down and making something come to life that before was just a picture in my imagination.

When I was young, like any little girl, I was obsessed with weddings, drawing wedding dresses, and veils on any spare piece of paper. I’ve always loved creating and designing things. I see the veil being like the wrapping of a beautiful gift. The faces of the bridesmaids always light up as the bride puts on the finishing touch of the veil. It’s like the feeling of when you are waiting for the sunrise as it rises over the mountains and breaks through the clouds. 

I met a few women who work in the LA wedding industry—a photographer, florist, and wedding planner. I told them my ideas of starting a bridal veil company called Shavâtó. In my mind I was more just rambling off dreams that could never be achieved. A bit later I brought one of my veils to show the women as we all met up for coffee. Their encouragement gave me the inspiration and courage to start this business.

Sometimes, all we need is a little encouragement and courage to step into our dreams, seeing them become a reality.